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What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, Governance. It considers a companies values and how they impact and interact with society beyond simple economic interests. In the 21st century, company values are coming under scrutiny and there is an increasing demand for companies to measured according to their values and principles. ESG provides the three angles from which companies should be scrutinised; their impact on the environment, their impact on society and their internal governance.

The role of an ESG rating model is to provide a comprehensive and objective analysis of a company’s ESG performance. This allows consumers and investors to make informed decisions, holding companies to account for their values.

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What Makes Us Different

Technology governance and AI ethics

Most ESG rating models place the emphasis on companies' environmental impact. Although we recognise the urgent importance of this in relation to the climate crisis, we think that this has led to the ‘S’ and ‘G’ in ESG being overlooked. We want to redress this imbalance, with an initial focus on technology governance and ethics.
Our focus on technology is from the need to address the crisis of trust in AI which is developing. Emerging technologies will shape our future. To enable this innovation, it is imperative that they are created in an environment which fosters trust. Without correct governance and ethics, the atmosphere of mistrust currently surrounding technology will only intensify. This not only applies to the technology companies but to any company which is planning a digital future, infrastructured on technology.

The Model


The technology we are building enables us to uniquely fingerprint each organization in order to derive an understanding of the values that underpin it and the controversies surrounding it. Fingerprinting a company's values allows us to then match them to the value preferences of an investor.
Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables us to avoid the tendency to build a uniform ESG model and instead embrace complexity.

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