Confidence in our data quality is our most important metric. This is how we achieve it.

Our Baseline EthicsGrade is comprised of research conducted into publicly available information. There is sufficient difference already between levels of detail in the public domain around the questions of Governance for AI to be able to create a picture of where best practice is emerging. We strive for the day where companies will all conduct audits into their AI systems and publish the results of these in the public domain. Until that day we act to encourage all organisations to be more transparent about their governance for AI systems and not simply communicate marketing messages about ‘principles’ that can offer zero comfort to customers or investors that the organisation has any substantive controls in place.

Our InsideView EthicsGrade is based on research into non-public information provided to EthicsGrade on request. We aim ultimately to make this available into a fully self-service assessment tool, and to additionally grant access to SMEs and start-ups so those with a strong focus on ethics can certify their conformity to accepted best practice. Companies who submit data to us as part of an InsideView Survey will have their scores re-rated in accordance with the additional information provided, and the fact that they have submitted non-public information to us will be disclosed alongside their score and rating. We therefore have a higher level of confidence with InsideView ratings than we do with those constrained to public data.

Our Benchmark EthicsGrade is based on research conducted on-site (or virtually in this pandemic age) with the teams of clients. Our clients pay us to conduct this research as there are value-adds to them of us investing time with their teams to review their governance controls as they are on the ground as well as the more comprehensive insight we can offer them into the comparisons we see between them and anonymised peers and other 3rd parties. We do not operate a ‘pay to play’ model. Any information we discover in a Benchmark exercise will impact our rating of a company, for better or worse. We therefore can stand by our Benchmark EthicsGrade ratings as being a fully accurate picture of what an organisation has in terms of controls, and we believe that organisations who have committed to this level of transparency deserve recognition for this. Companies who have conducted a Benchmark with us have this fact disclosed alongside their score and rating which we expect the community to consider as being the highest standard in disclosure and transparency.

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