In addition to the supply of data and research to the Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and Private Equity firms, EthicsGrade also offers the following services:

AI Healthcheck

There are two factors which we often see organisations struggling with:

Firstly, ensuring adequate alignment between stakeholders on agreeing what their current state of maturity is for AI Governance and what their ambitions are over a 1 year, 3 year, and 5 year time-horizon;

Secondly, ensuring that their Governance current state and ambitions are aligned to their level of maturity for AI Implementation.

If these are challenges that you or your organisation faces, then an AI Healthcheck is what you need.

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AI Governance Analysis

In partnership with Corporate Governance specialists, BIOSS* we offer an analysis of the effectiveness of Governance in clients.

What we look out for is the conditions by which people tasked with governance duties operate, and whether there are skills or training gaps that might be getting in the way, or indeed other competing priorities that might conflict with the controls they operate.

If you or your organisation is concerned that the governance you are developing might not be a good match for the culture of your organisation, then an AI Governance Analysis is what you need.

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* BIOSS ( is a global network of corporate governance advisory specialists.

AI Audit

In partnership with ForHumanity*, we offer AI Auditing. There is a growing sentiment in the AI Governance community that only through independent auditing at a systems, data, and process level can there be true assurance that AI systems are trustworthy in their operation.

The AI Audit is a rigorous assessment of the controls that exist in an organisation and is conducted at a level of detail beyond the scope of what ratings can offer. It is the hallmark of organisations that consider public trust in their operations to be of paramount importance that auditing is considered as a sought-out activity to commission.

If you or your organisation believes that your governance is at a standard to stand-up to this level of rigour and scrutiny, then an AI Audit is what you need.

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*  ForHumanity (https://forhumanity.centre) is a mission-driven 501(c)3 registered Public Charity developing Independent Audit of AI Systems through crowd sourcing from recognised industry experts.