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Kevin Ashby
Non-exec Chairman
Kevin was at IBM when the first personal computers were launched in the early 1980s and has enjoyed a long and successful career in technology companies and financial services. He has held senior roles in a wide range of businesses, particularly in the fintech space, and has led regulated brokerages. He now focuses on non-executive roles in fintech companies. Kevin firmly believes that the ‘E’ in ESG often overshadows the ‘S’ and ‘G’ and that there is little point in a company striving to be environmentally friendly if its reputation is being tarnished by poor ethics and governance.
Demetrios Brinkmann
Are You A Robot? Podcast Host
Based in Frankfurt, Demetrios is the star of EthicGrade’s ‘Are You A Robot?’ podcast. He is an avid traveller who taught English as a second language so he could see the world. Demetrios was irresistibly drawn to machine learning and has created the largest community of engineers and machine learning practitioners on the internet. Having immersed himself in this world, he quickly saw the ethical challenges posed by machine learning.
Rupert Bull
Co-founder and Partner
Rupert is a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience within both large organisations and start-ups. Currently CEO and co-founder of The Disruption House, a specialist benchmarking and data analytics business, he plays an advisory role at EthicsGrade, strengthening the team’s entrepreneurial spirit. Rupert knows how expensive AI governance can be when you get it wrong, and, therefore, how important it is to get it right.
Peter Fashola
Research Team Lead
Peter is the research team lead at EthicsGrade. He has a background in philosophy, theology, politics and economics, giving him a broad perspective on AI ethics. Peter believes that the traditional social, economic, and political structures that have allowed businesses to thrive have also led to great imbalances, from the environment to social inequality. He sees ESG as the journey in rebalancing this.
Ria Kakkad
Research Analyst
Ria has a Master’s in Hispanic Studies from UCL and is greatly valued for her rigorous and forensic approach when researching, evaluating and rating companies using the EthicsGrade model. Alongside her main role, she supports our ‘Are You A Robot?’ podcast and Slack community.
Kasia Kołodziejczyk
Research Analyst and Front-end Developer
Kasia initially trained in physiotherapy but was drawn to front-end development. As well as playing a vital role in the research analyst team, she is an invaluable member of the tech team. As a health care professional, Kasia has seen a significant technology evolution in the health sector over the last few years. In particular, as a result of Covid-19, technology has become critical to health and wellbeing.
Michal Labedz
Front-end Developer
Michal for more than a decade was involved in e-commerce and developing his family’s furniture business. However, two years ago, he decided to change direction and learn to code, and he is a now a front-end developer for EthicsGrade. Michal disagrees with a business world that is solely focused on profit, and he believes technological progress must always be balanced with social needs and human rights.
Will Llewelyn
Originally part of the research team, where he began rating companies last year, Will now provides wide-ranging support to the team, be it refining the business model, organising learning sessions or helping with other business development activities. He firmly believes ESG is the future and that companies that get it right will be sustainable while those that don’t will face huge reputational issues.
Heather Macdonald
Communications Lead
She read English at Queen Mary University, London and gained an MA in Marketing, and was part of the founding team at unicorn-to-be Ultrahaptics before leaving in 2019 to start an advisory practice to help high-growth tech companies communicate their business propositions.
Khizar Malik
Full-stack Engineer
Khiz is a machine learning wizard and an AI enthusiast, and has participated in many hackathons. He is doubling up as a full-stack engineer at EthicsGrade while completing the final year of his computer science degree at Queen Mary University, London.
Richard Nodell
Co-founder and Partner
Richard has spent most of his working life helping business leaders develop values-centred work cultures – which on occasion proved a challenge. However, with the advent of ESG, he believes his work has finally found its home. Alongside Charles, Dick is the brainpower behind EthicsGrade. He recognises that effective and meaningful AI governance requires a multi-disciplinary approach, and his wide business experience means he is invaluable to the team.
Nam-ho Park
Design Lead
Nam-ho is faculty at the University of Washington’s Information School and Senior Product Designer at Carina, a nonprofit platform that connects qualified caregivers with those seeking in-home care. He is also the principal of PLAIN Strategies, providing outcome-focused digital strategies for nonprofits and impact-driven organizations. Having lived and worked in London, Seoul, Hanoi, New York, Washington D.C. and presently in Seattle for the past 9 years, he draws his experience from a lifetime of learning and exploring how we relate to technology and harness it for good.
Piesakowska O'Neill
Celestia Piesakowska O'Neill
Research Analyst
Celestia recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in Sustainable Development and Politics. She focused on food insecurity, anthropology and community-led change.
Charles Radclyffe
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Charles read law at Cambridge but decided not pursue a legal career. Instead, his forte and passion lay elsewhere – as an entrepreneur – and he has three successful exits to his name. He has also held senior roles in the Royal Bank of Canada and Deutsche Bank, where he helped them to embrace innovation and emerging technology. Before co-founding EthicsGrade he was head of AI at Fidelity.
Charles’ concern for digital ethics began when he was running the data analytics firm BIPB (now Keyrus). In 2010 he launched the US operations and later became CEO. His background in legal philosophy gave him pause to consider the wider impact of his firm’s technology, and he has often been an outspoken critic of the technology industry over the past decade. He launched a blog called ‘dataPHILOSOPHER’ and has given keynote presentations on ethics and technology, particularly AI, in China, Japan, the United States, UAE and across Europe. He has delivered two TEDx presentations on AI and co-authored Stories from 2045 – insights on how AI may shape the future of work. Charles loves to support fellow entrepreneurs and since 2017 has been a visiting fellow at the University of Bristol where he helps quantum technology academics commercialise their research.
Tildy Stokes
Policy Lead
Growing up in Devon, Tildy was accustomed to partying in fields and climbing trees. However, aged 20, she made the difficult decision to change her focus. She studied politics at Cambridge University, and has since worked in Washington DC in the Policy Design Lab on behalf of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and for two MPs, Sarah Wollaston MP and Ben Bradshaw MP. Since graduating, her focus has turned to political communications consulting, especially for AI and risk.
Sam Strong
Sales Lead
Sam has been working in tech and data analytics for the last decade, latterly as part of the senior management team of a rapidly growing data analytics consultancy firm called Keyrus. growing data analytics consultancy. Alongside Charles, he is responsible for sales at EthicsGrade. Prior to his consulting days, Sam founded a SaaS company and was a member of the Level 39 start-up accelerator. Sam believes ESG allows businesses to consider their long-term responsibilities while catering for the investor community.
Ukairo Stevens
Josh Ukairo Stevens
Community Coordinator
Josh is studying Mathematics at the University of Bristol and plays a vital role in building ‘Are You A Robot?’ podcast and Slack community. He hopes to see companies introduce roles such as 'Head of Ethics' so that they prioritise ethical issues, and he recognises the importance of consumers trusting AI systems.
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